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Weeds constantly evolve – but so do the strategies used to manage them.

Knowing the latest weed pressures, resistance trends, application techniques, herbicide science, and more gives you the tools for a proactive, top-notch response. FMC Pre-School – our free access knowledge and stewardship program – brings information to you in both interactive and on-demand formats.

Want to know today’s best science-backed practices? Which problem weeds to watch, and how to respond? What active ingredients pose the greatest benefits and risks? What herbicide layering can do? All this and more has been curated through FMC Pre-School videos, articles, and print resources.

  • Preventative Herbicide Technology
  • Cropping Strategies
  • Expert Opinions
  • Industry Trends
  • Field and front-line research

School is never out for summer at FMC Pre-School. Get proactive – enroll today to improve your weed management with the most up-to-date information available. 

Your knowledge. Your business. Your success. 

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Pre-emergents 101

The yield potential of many crops hinges on the effective use of a pre-emergent herbicide. Keeping a field clean through the early, critical weed-free period helps lock in yield. Learn how to use the soil texture, soil moisture, and unique growing characteristics of the crop in your fields to your advantage.
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A lot of science goes into developing herbicide formulations that perform across soil types and environments. Learn more about the range of herbicide options available and how to harness weed control technology to manage resistance, create a soil-barrier against weeds, and ultimately maximize yield.
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Whether you’re using a contact-only herbicide, one with extended control, or a complete solution that offers both contact and extended control, getting a herbicide to the target weed at the right time is critical to its performance. Learn how to maximize the effectiveness of your weed control program.
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A well-timed herbicide application is much more effective than an ill-timed pass with the sprayer. Some products require perfect timing for control while others use extended control for extra breathing room. Learn the best moment to spray by building a plan using the best herbicide for your operation.
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FMC Pre-School webinars engage researchers, agronomists and growers to highlight proactive, effective weed management strategies. Search the archive for information on herbicide tolerance, weed morphology, water management, application tips, and more.


PrecisionPac herbicides are simple and precise.

Tell your retailer your weed spectrum, rotation, and the size of your field or sprayer. That's it.

A PrecisionPac herbicide that fits your weed spectrum and cropping plans is dispensed into a bag perfectly sized for your fields.

We were finally able to present our CleanFields Community Yields cheque to the Foremost Community Hall from 2021. The hall was unable to host many events due to restrictions, so hopefully this provides some relief. Thanks to @FMCAgCanada for helping us once again.

FMC #CleanFieldsCommunityYields helps community organizations in small towns across Western Canada.

We give back to communities like yours, places where we also live and work.

Use Focus herbicide this fall and we'll give 10¢/ac to an organization chosen by your local retailer.

Meet Krista Henry, our Marketing Communications Manager.

Krista grew up on a dairy farm in Ontario and is an aggie from @UofGuelphOAC. She and her husband and 2 girls have a geriatric border collie named Maggie who still "guards" the house. They love camping, skiing and biking.